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In our Chromosomes the genetic codes generate a flow of information for new lifestyles.

We recognize the imprint devoted to the future and we transform it into a project for the following years.

More than twenty years of our DNA in the field of Industrial Design: Visual, Industrial and Exihibition are our story, developed in the Studiorandom together with the genetic mark based upon the firmly held belief that the future is based on parameters of sustainability, diversity and solidarity.
Everyting else is already dead.

We create the works shown in the galleries and we train new generations of students according to these criteria, being aware of a risky and difficult legacy.

Kromosoma is composed by:

Francesco Subioli

University degree at ISIA – State Institute for the Artistic Industries – of Rome.
Art director and Project manager in the design domain: Industrial, Graphic, Exhibition design.
He alternates the professional work with teaching and training courses at Universities and private schools (University of Venezia-Iuav, La Sapienza University-Ludi, IED,Quasar Insitute).
He is the coordinator and senior teacher of the first Master in Food Design in Europe at IED In Rome.
He has been working professionally for 25 years first with StudioRandom and then with Kromosoma, in collaboration with Marco Pietrosante for the Industrial Design and with Frida Ferraro for the Graphic Design.
He is a member of the ADI where he has occupied some institutional posts among which President for the Delegation from Umbria.

Frida Ferraro

Graphic designer and visual communication consultant.
After a very long professional partnership with Random Studio through which Frida Ferraro has personally managed projects for some very important clients such as ENEL S.p.a., Legambiente etc., she has given her support to the planning of several other projects of important trademarks, communication campaign and show installations.
She has set up together with Francesco Subioli Kromosoma Studio which she is a partner of and art director.

Our main partner:

Marco Pietrosante

University degree at ISIA – State Institute for the Artistic Industries – of Rome.
He is a freelance designer who collaborates with Kromosoma Studio for some projects.
He deals with Industrial Design and Systems Design with particular attention devoted to social and local sustainability, through the employment of innovative materials and technologies. He is in charge of cultural events linked to design and architecture and he carries out training courses in several schools and Universities. Besides he is a teacher in the Food Design Master at IED. In the past few years, he has been appointed Academic responsabilities and has been the director of Masters at the European Institute of Design (IED) of Rome.
At the present time, he is directing the Master courses at ISIA in Rome. He is a member of ADI and scientific coordinator of some product industries for Adi Index.

Some of our most important collaborators:

Reem Azzu – Industrial Designer
Ylenia Borghetti – Industrial Designer –http://www.disenape.com
Sara Costantini – Industrial Designer
Paolo Grana – Photographer – http://www.bikes-garage.com
Aurelio Latella – Project Manager
Giampaola Marongiu – Web Designer – http://www.kgfree.com
Raikhan Musrepova – Illustrator Designer
Carolina Pinto – Industrial Designer – http://www.disenape.com
Roberto Tronchin – Graphic and Web Designer

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