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Workshop sigaro toscano, Lucca

The Tuscan Lab Design Workshop 2015 is a laboratory of creative ideas by young designers from around the world by the IED times to celebrate the 200 years since the beginning of the legend of the cigar Toscano and its connection to the earth, tobacco farmers and craft of cigar makers. And ‘the fruit of a in collaboration between Tuscan cigar factories, IED Rome, the city of Lucca.

  • project manager: Aurelio Latella
  • art director: Marco Pietrosante, Francesco Subioli
  • tutor: Sara Costantini
  • website: Giampaola Marongiu
  • responsible for the company Manufactures Tuscan cigar: Alessandra Filippi
  • designer: Gregorio Andrisano, Rachana De Cesaris, Chang Du, Renata Fernandez, Chiara Gervasi, Riccardo Innocenti, Sepehr Khoshsokha, Camilla Knight, Benedetta Lusi, Elisa Mastrobuono, Lorenzo Perna, Ke ShiYun, Marcello Siclari, Vivian Suarez

P.A. Lunch Box

Design and implementation of a Lunch Box with regional products selected in collaboration with Eataly.
Used during the convention of European Public Administrations in Rome in November 2011.
Prodotto selezionato ADI INDEX del 2015

  • project manager: Sabina Bellotti
  • art director: Marco Pietrosante, Francesco Subioli
  • management: Raffaela Scognamiglio
  • graphic design: Frida Ferraro
  • partnership: Eataly

Il caffè di Cinecittà

Creation of the concept of a food format dedicated to cinema and food with pilot entered the Cinecittà Studios.

  • project manager e concept: Giuseppe Basso
  • design concept – art director: Aurelio Latella, Marco Pietrosante, Francesco Subioli
  • designer: Ylenia Borghetti, Carolina Pinto
  • design and construction sets: Trixie Zicoschi
  • logo: Studio Pizzetti
  • graphic design: Frida Ferraro

Workshop Perugia Foodesignlab

International Workshop for the design of temporary space dedicated to food design,
Foodesignlab Adi, at the Expo 2015 in Milan – Perugia, March 2015.

  • art director: Marco Pietrosante, Francesco Subioli
  • teachers: Mauro Olivieri, Sara Costantini, Karolin Larsson, Dario Campo
  • social networks: Sanda Sudor
  • website: Giampaola Marongiu
  • designer: Flaminia Bellaroto, Mattia Bonavolontà, Jacopo Cardinali, Monica Marconi, Klimowicz Agnieszka, Bartosz Bębenista, Joanna Kabala, Agnieszka Klimowicz, Ilaria Lorusso, Giulia Manna, David Poveda, Ania Wójcik, Olga Ziębińska, Lulu Zhu, Matteo, Stefano Santini, Matteo Barbi, Miriam Felici, Kristina Nikaj, David Poveda, Francesca Carfagna, Carolina Lella ,Andrea Finelli, Bartosz Bębenista, Gabriele Barzilai
  • backstage: Patrizia Di Costanzo, Guido Gigli, Paul Robb, Laura Biancalana, Antonio Boco, Roberto Rossi
  • sponsor: Centro Estero Umbria, Regione Umbria, Ordine degli Architetti di Perugia, Accademia di Belle arti di Perugia, Università dei Sapori

Foodesignlab ADI – the Ribbon

Exhibition space Foodesignlab Adi dedicated to events, workshops, presentations, wine tastings during the Expo in Milan, in the premises of the future Museum of the Golden Compass and the new headquarters Adi.

  • art director: Marco Pietrosante, Francesco Subioli
  • designer: Flaminia Bellaroto, Mattia Bonavolontà, Jacopo Cardinali, Monica Marconi

Officina Mediterranea

Created the trademark for O.M., a new company speicalizing traditional food products from the Meditteranean.
Within this framework other products have been created, such as the brand Testaceum for oil, Moscato Routes for wine, Fructus for sorbet, ‘Riscoperte’ for baked goods.

  • project manager: Aurelio Latella
  • art director: Ferraro – Subioli

Goletta verde

“Goletta verde” (Green schooner) is undoubtedly the best-known Legambiente campaign and one of their most important ones.
The company Kromosoma has made the trademark ‘Golettaverde’ and has been the consultant for its annual image for several editions.

  • by Studiorandom
  • art director: Pietrosante – Subioli
  • graphic design: Frida Ferraro


V.I.F. a factory producing food, bread and cakes, in which there was a research center in food design.
We have realized many projects in visual communication and packaging, also experimenting with new foods.

  • art direction: Pietrosante-Subioli
  • graphic design: food design lab – Vif
  • photo: Paolo Grana

NTV, Italo Box

NTV, Italo Box for Italo treno  the second largest operator of high speed in Italy, has decided not to have a dining car.
The food comes in a box with easy opening and closing inside high quality products chosen by Eataly.

  • project manager: Aurelio Latella
  • art direction: Pietrosante-Subioli
  • design: Sara Costantini

La casa dell’Acqua

The House of Water.
Visual communication devoted to a workshop about microstructures for the water supply, with the nal mounting of an exhibition of the work at Rocca Paolina in Perugia.
Created the special app H2U which provides the interaction with the Umbrian territory and the mapping of public drinking fountains.

  • art director: Pietrosante – Subioli
  • graphic design: Frida Ferraro

Zoomarine Café

Is the most important bar café of the marine park Zoomarine Rome.
Has been completely redesigned both internally and externally, also have been designed all the menus with the addition of new foods.

  • art direction: Pietrosante-Subioli
  • graphic designer: Frida Ferraro

20 designers interact with an Italian – French chef in Umbria
Exposed to the Two Worlds Spoleto Festival.

  • concept: GuidoGigli
  • art direction: Pietrosante-Subioli
  • designers: Paolo Barichella, Luisa Bocchietto, Benito Bolletta,
    Carlotta Calderazzo, Emiliano Capponi, Stefano Chiocchini, Marco Colasanti,
    Sara Costantini, Gianni Curti, Sauro Di Sante Coaccioli, Gerry De Bastiano,
    Massimiliano Fabiani, Giorgio Flamini, Anastasia Krylova, Karolin Larsson,
    Roberto Marcatti, David Mazzocchi, Mauro Olivieri, Francesco Paretti,
    Francesca Pietrocola, Marco Pietrosante, Monica Pioggia, Riccardo Rosati,
    Benno Simma, Francesco Subioli, Sanda Sudor, Giovanna Talocci, Marta Toni
  • graphic designer: Frida Ferraro
  • realization prototypes: Nicola Boccini