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Officina Mediterranea

Created the trademark for O.M., a new company speicalizing traditional food products from the Meditteranean.
Within this framework other products have been created, such as the brand Testaceum for oil, Moscato Routes for wine, Fructus for sorbet, ‘Riscoperte’ for baked goods.

  • project manager: Aurelio Latella
  • art director: Ferraro – Subioli

Goletta verde

“Goletta verde” (Green schooner) is undoubtedly the best-known Legambiente campaign and one of their most important ones.
The company Kromosoma has made the trademark ‘Golettaverde’ and has been the consultant for its annual image for several editions.

  • by Studiorandom
  • art director: Pietrosante – Subioli
  • graphic design: Frida Ferraro

La casa dell’Acqua

The House of Water.
Visual communication devoted to a workshop about microstructures for the water supply, with the nal mounting of an exhibition of the work at Rocca Paolina in Perugia.
Created the special app H2U which provides the interaction with the Umbrian territory and the mapping of public drinking fountains.

  • art director: Pietrosante – Subioli
  • graphic design: Frida Ferraro