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immagine per Touch

Touch is an EEG headset designed to improve training of airplane pilots. The headset is designed to be easy to fit and comfortable to wear. The headset is part of a system that measure real time indicators of cognitive or emotional states by processing cerebral signals, providing affordable cross-application indicators based on scientifically proven algorithms. Touch is a registered community design […]


immagine per Tfk – Carbony

Tfk – Carbony is a foldable stroller made with carbon fiber, metal and nylon. design Marco Pietrosante, Francesco Subioli with Basilio Esposito Client  Tfk


immagine per X-files

Xfiles is a series of polypropylene folders to archive printed documents
. ADI Design Index 2002 design Marco Pietrosante, Francesco Subioli producer


immagine per Aedes

Aedes is a swing lounger designed for outdoor use. The cover is made in cotton and can easily be personalized. It is easy to remove and wash. The structure is in powder coated steel.


immagine per Mu, bathroom accessories

Mu Series of bathroom accessories made of cast metal and glass. design Marco Pietrosante – Francesco Subioli Client  Capannoli