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Workshop sigaro toscano, Lucca

The Tuscan Lab Design Workshop 2015 is a laboratory of creative ideas by young designers from around the world by the IED times to celebrate the 200 years since the beginning of the legend of the cigar Toscano and its connection to the earth, tobacco farmers and craft of cigar makers. And ‘the fruit of a in collaboration between Tuscan cigar factories, IED Rome, the city of Lucca.

  • project manager: Aurelio Latella
  • art director: Marco Pietrosante, Francesco Subioli
  • tutor: Sara Costantini
  • website: Giampaola Marongiu
  • responsible for the company Manufactures Tuscan cigar: Alessandra Filippi
  • designer: Gregorio Andrisano, Rachana De Cesaris, Chang Du, Renata Fernandez, Chiara Gervasi, Riccardo Innocenti, Sepehr Khoshsokha, Camilla Knight, Benedetta Lusi, Elisa Mastrobuono, Lorenzo Perna, Ke ShiYun, Marcello Siclari, Vivian Suarez