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Limen. Regenerative Tourism

immagine per Limen -Kromosoma

The Limen experience is a narrative, a story of regeneration, valorization and discovery of Rome. A sensorial navigation marked by three stages that show three different identities of the City which metaphorically represent the regenerative cycle of Limen: Birth, Life, Regeneration.
The river represents the set of identity, historical landscapes and cultural traditions of great interest for citizens and tourists.
In particular, the new spaces, floating platforms, inaugurate local practices of direct sensorial experience such as witnessing the production of artisanal artefacts, tasting local foods, staging of skills such as climbing, artistic workshops, cultivation, travel stories.
The project aims to be a new experience to live and share with the city, citizens and tourists with the aim of creating environmental, economic and social regeneration.

Award: Honourable Mention Targa Giovane ADI

IED Istituto Europeo di Design
Students: Riccardo Botta, Carlo Buonora, Alessia Clemente, Alaa Mohamed, Chiara Venerucci, Edoardo Volpe, Federica Habara
Thesis supervisor: Marika Aakesson
Co-supervisor: Gabriel Weirich


for food

creating healthy lifestyles and food experiences


for nature

promoting sustainable development


for people

products for daily life


for community

connecting people and inspiring communities


for education

creating the future



knowledge sharing and inspiration for the future