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immagine per Stefino

Is an Italian high quality gelato who has received three of the famous Coni del Gambero Rosso (michelin star for gelato makers in Italy). Gambero Rosso (michelin star for gelato makers in Italy). Kromosoma made the brand identity design, the design of the retail format, all the packaging design, together with uniforms, website graphics design and brochures. The core of the format is sustainability and quality food products at km0 (like milk from happy free cows and only seasonal fruit) and only uses sustainable and biodegradable materials in all its packaging. Stefino Lab is the brands branch who only makes delivery.

art direction Francesco Subioli
design Marika Aakesson
graphic design Frida Ferraro
Client Stefino Lab


for food

creating healthy lifestyles and food experiences


for nature

promoting sustainable development


for people

products for daily life


for community

connecting people and inspiring communities


for education

creating the future



knowledge sharing and inspiration for the future