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Zeropac Foodiebag

immagine per Zeropac Foodiebag

Please don’t order more than you can eat, eat up or if not take away your Foodie bag and eat it later! Foodie bag is against leftovers in restaurants and designed to make restaurants make a statement against food waste.
Foodie bag is a small project for a big change in attitude designed by Marika Aakesson, Francesco Subioli and Daniele Ianicelli, produced by Formaperta in partnership with Legambiente. Foodie Bag Zeropac was selected and published in ADI Design Index 2020 and won Eccellenze del Design in Lazio 2020.

design Marika Aakesson, Daniele Iannicelli, Francesco Subioli
graphic design Frida Ferraro
producer Formaperta


for food

creating healthy lifestyles and food experiences


for nature

promoting sustainable development


for people

products for daily life


for community

connecting people and inspiring communities


for education

creating the future



knowledge sharing and inspiration for the future