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Zeropac System

immmagine per Zeropac System

Zeropac System is a modular exhibition design in eco-sustainable recycled and 100% recyclable cardboard, a typical virtuous example of Circular Economy. Zeropac System includes: roll ups, totems, tabletops, counters, chairs and other elements for trade shows, fairs, exhibitions and events. All modules are made of recycled cardboard, reusable due to the replaceable and recyclable graphic panels. Zeropac can be totally personalised in colour and print. 
Each module is placed in a closed and dedicated box containing assembly instructions. A simple, inexpensive practice that takes up very little space in transport and that can be assembled by anyone, disassembled and placed in the box to be reused later. Zeropac is a brand that brings together protagonists of the circular economy such as Legambiente, Formaperta and Studio Kromosoma.

design Marika Aakesson, Daniele Iannicelli, Francesco Subioli
producer Formaperta


for food

creating healthy lifestyles and food experiences


for nature

promoting sustainable development


for people

products for daily life


for community

connecting people and inspiring communities


for education

creating the future



knowledge sharing and inspiration for the future